Bisping disses Paddy Pimblett: “I’ve seen better defense in Power Slap”

The anticipation for UFC 296 is soaring, with Michael Bisping envisioning a potential upset in the upcoming major MMA showdown.

During the Believe You Me podcast, Bisping meticulously dissected the UFC 296 matchups. He notably talked about the main card clash between Paddy Pimblett and Tony Ferguson.

While expressing optimism about Pimblett’s abilities, Bisping also pointed out and criticized the English lightweight’s defensive stance. Bisping articulated, “Paddy does carry his chin kind of high in the air a little bit. I’ll be honest, I’ve seen better defense in Power Slap.”

In his comprehensive breakdown, Bisping elaborated on the various advantages favoring Tony Ferguson.

He asserted, “Tony has got the bigger power. I think Tony is probably the better wrestler [because] he wrestled in college. Paddy did get taken down by Jared Gordon … I don’t know who does it.”

Bisping ultimately leaned towards Paddy Pimblett as his official prediction, citing Pimblett’s perceived better form as the deciding factor.

Despite frequently gracing the UFC commentating booth, Bisping will not feature in the UFC 296 broadcast.

Additionally, Leon Edwards will defend his title against controversial welterweight Colby Covington. Their press conference before the match was a dramatic affair.

Launched in 2022, Dana White’s Power Slap league has notably been integral to the UFC CEO’s business ventures. Although UFC social media platforms showcase Power Slap highlights and promotional content, the two entities maintain their autonomy without any intermingling of competitors.

Power Slap competitions adhere to strict rules that disallow defending against an opponent’s strikes. Bisping humorously referenced this rule while talking about Paddy Pimblett. Competitors engage in successive strikes until one yield or a judge’s decision ensues.

While different from MMA, Power Slap shares a common thread with UFC through the referees involved. Referees like Jason Herzog and Kerry Hatley who are commonly seen in UFC octagons, dedicate their off-time officiating Power Slap matches.