Betting line just happened to drop drastically before Darrick Minner injured himself in Nuerdanbieke event

Right before Darrick Minner hurt himself and lost by first-round TKO, the odds for UFC Vegas 64 event featuring him against Shayilan Nuerdanbieke saw a drastic drop.

Minner stepped back after delivering a left body kick and grimaced in agony. After delivering the identical kick once again, he was seriously compromised, which led to the end of the event.

Every match has different odds based on how many people are placing bets on either side. If a large percentage of bettors place money on one competitor, he might go from being the underdog to the favorite. Shayilan Nuerdanbieke went from a -237 to a -362 favorite in the final seconds before the buildup.

Fans and experts alike raised some questions about this, and they did so on social media.

Recently, the UFC forbid athletes and their coaches from wagering because of likeliness they would be using “insider knowledge.” The action was made in an effort to prevent situations like these.

The MMA scene seems to be in agreement that the UFC won’t let the situation pass without looking into it.

In order to address wagering, the UFC has made significant changes to its athlete code of conduct. A copy of the email issued by senior executive Hunter Campbell informing the roster and fighter management of the changes was obtained.