Ben Askren Wants To Be Nate Diaz’s Last Opponent

The former UFC fighter and wrestler Ben Askren called out Nate Diaz hoping to fight out the last fight on his UFC contract. The UFC veteran also plans to completely retire from any combat sport and wanted his fight with Nate Diaz to be his last fight ever. Askren initially retired due to a hip replacement procedure he was told he would have to undergo – however he instead had it scoped and was able to recover substantially quicker. He went straight from rehab into that unfortunate boxing match up against Jake Paul.

This statement is a continuation of his online altercation with Nate Diaz on Twitter. Ben Askren, who fought Jake Paul in a boxing ring, praised the Youtuber for his boxing skill after he knocked out Askren in the first round. Responding to this news, Nate trash talk Askren and said that Askren couldn’t box.

“Coming from a retired wrestler who can’t fight or box.” Wrote Nate Diaz on his Twitter account.

Responding to this statement, Ben Askren wrote on Twitter and accept the roast that he is indeed a bad boxer. But, Askren also said Nate by saying that Nate is a bad mixed martial artist. Not stopping there, the 37-year-old veteran called out Nate Diaz and challenged him for a UFC fight.

“Nate is right, I suck at boxing. He sucks at MMA. If he wants me to prove it I can be in the USADA pool tomorrow. Would be happy to be the last fight on his contract.” Wrote Ben Askren.

Nate Diaz only has one fight left on his contract with the UFC with his latest fight being at UFC 263 back in June. As for Ben Askren, he has retired from the UFC in November 2019 and he needs to go through the USADA testing pool before he is able to compete in the UFC again.

Ben Askren also calls Nate Diaz a ‘coward’ and posted a video showing Nate running from Jorge Masvidal during their fight at UFC 244 in 2019.

“Real men run towards danger, COWARDS run away @NateDiaz209.” Wrote Askren while mentioning Nate Diaz on Twitter.