Ben Askren brands Johnny Walker & Jamahal Hill ‘babies’ for crying about online bullying

In the world of viral knock outs – Ben Askren’s loss will certainly take the cake. Not only was Askren destroyed in record breaking time but the KO effectively made Jorge Masvidal into a star that he is today. Many iconic moments came out of the fight. To Askren’s credit he wasn’t too butthurt once the memes started flying in. And there were a lot. In fact with the Colby Covington fight fast approaching UFC is in full swing promoting the flying knee KO.

This prompted Askren to call out Johnny Walker’s recent reactions to online trolling. Walker was displeased due to the number of harassing DMs his fiancé was receiving. In addition to his fiance, his coach John Kavanagh was also brutalized online. But at least Kavanagh might be used to it by now…

“We all know what we signed up for. Fighters need to quit being little babies about people making fun of them on twitter.”

Askren wrote this response to Hill’s anti bullying tweet campaign saying

“fighter celebrating his hard work is not the same as a lil punk b—h behind a screen harassing a fighter and his family!!! Memes aren’t the problem it’s going the extra mile to harass ppl!!! The fighters actually get in there and put something on the line yall don’t do stfu!!”


It didn’t end there either. Hill was fired up:
“This was an attempt to get the p—ies behind the screen (that still clown you) on your side!!! Take the heat don’t defect to real fighters by sucking off the clown ass bitch made keyboard warriors!!!#Iseerightthru”

Askren backed up his response adding:

“Gosh you are dumb”