Ben Askren has a conspiracy theory about UFC’s Kevin Holland

Former UFC welterweight Ben Askren recently shared a wild theory about Kevin Holland. ‘Funky’ believes that Holland is paying people to commit crimes so that he can come off as the superhero.

UFC welterweight contender Kevin Holland had his second bout in 2022 against Tim Means. The pair clashed at UFC on ESPN 37 last weekend on June 18. Holland  ended the fight with a D’arce choke in the second round. With this spectacular victory, Holland gained a lot of fans.

One other thing that makes people love Holland is that he intervened in several crimes in the last year.

Since October 2021, ‘Trailblazer’ has stopped crimes a total of four times. He has stopped a carjacker, stopped a shooting incident, rescued a driver, and stopped a thief.

All the vigilant acts happened in his hometown of Houston and have helped him make it into the headlines. Grappling phenom Ben Askren believes there are more things going on behind the scenes.

During a recent interview with The Schmo, Askren was talking about UFC on ESPN 37 and eventually mentioned Holland. The 37-year-old then shared his wild theory that Holland might be paying people to commit crimes.

“Part of me almost thinks, and this is my conspiracy theorist side, like, is he just paying people to act wild so he can be this vigilante? Because what [are the] chances?”

“Listen, I have now lived for 37 years, Schmo. I have never witnessed a crime in action and then tracking someone down. I haven’t ever seen it happen. Now, he’s had like four [instances]. How is this possible?”

Ben Askren also said that even if it’s all fake, he admitted that it’s a good way to market himself and he praised Holland for it. Askren isn’t against it and even went so far as to call it a pretty “good gimmick”.