Bellator star fires back at Rogan: “FAME DOESN’T PAY BILLS… MONEY DOES”

Joe Rogan recently said that combatants outside of the UFC are “wasting their careers,” but it seems like Corey Anderson didn’t agree.

Corey Anderson is a renowned Light Heavyweight combatant in the MMA world. He has been one of the best combatants in the world for nearly a decade.

Anderson emerged onto the UFC scene victoriously by securing his place via the TUF reality show in July 2014. He transitioned to Bellator after experiencing a defeat against Jan Blachowicz in February 2020. Anderson’s dominance as a top-tier competitor is well-known.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently expressed his perspective on combatants competing outside the UFC. He indicated that it was a potential waste of their careers. But Anderson promptly rebutted Rogan’s views via an Instagram post.

Anderson candidly highlighted the financial struggles he faced during his seven-year stint in the UFC despite being ranked #4 in the organization. Contrary to expectations, his earnings were insufficient to sustain his family.

This necessitated him to work in supplementary jobs between matches. The transition to Bellator altered this trajectory dramatically. In his Bellator debut, Anderson earned five times more than his UFC matches.

Anderson wrote  on Instagram:

“Now yall know I LOVE my guy Joe!

But as someone who spent 7 years in the UFC and left at #4 in the organization….. fans seeing me fight wasn’t enough to pay bills or even begin to set my family up for a future. My wife and I both had to have jobs to keep afloat in between fights until my first fight in Bellator. I always say “I make more money in Bellator”, well my last fight ranked in the top 5, and my purse didn’t even make close to 6 figures… that’s 100K… after 7 years, 15 fights, 13 top 15 opponents, and being ranked in the top 10 within my first year. (My debut fight I made 16k). Hell, even to go be on @joerogan podcast, I had scramble to find someone to cover for me at work to go.

Yet my first fight in Bellator I made 5x more and was able to free my wife of a job and focus fully on my career as a fighter for the first time ever.

SOOOOO what good is it to have a fan base when I still have to work everyday to afford life. Compared to having fewer fans, financial freedom, and set your family up for life after fighting?

Yes I make that money bc of my start in the UFC but there’s fighters like @ajmckee101 and @patchymix that built that financial freedom in Bellator who may have never gotten it in UFC and also has a fan base! Even @mikechandlermma and @michaelvenompage

So if you want fans and stardom… yes, you have a better chance in the UFC. But if you want to make money… test the field and go where the money is. [shrug emoji]


Since moving to Bellator, Anderson’s track record has been exceptional, except for minor setbacks. With a record of 4-1 and an overall MMA record of 17-6, Anderson showcased remarkable performances.