Bas Rutten Talks About Paranormal Experience That Scared Him Into Returning to the Catholic Faith

Mixed martial arts legend Bas Rutten is known for his toughness and grit in the ring. But even the baddest man on the planet can be spooked by the paranormal.

In a recent interview on the JAXXON podcast, Rutten opened up about a frightening supernatural encounter that led him to rejoin the Catholic church after years away.

Rutten explained, “I got jump back into the Catholic faith I had…. by a spirit I physically it was so freaking scary what happened to me. I saw this curtain fly in front of me up against the ceiling. Like a lot of things happened. There’s a whole list. I made a video on it on YouTube, you know why did he come back to the faith. Watch that because then I go into the details.”

Clearly shaken by his paranormal experience, Rutten found solace in returning back to his religion. Despite acknowledging the church’s tumultuous history, he chose to focus on its positive endeavors.

He continued: “I like the principles, you know. And there some the bad things that happened in church, yes. There are bad things but they happen everywhere. It’s like in Brazil Jiu-Jitsu, what if one coach has sex with a 14-year-old student? Oh so now you your moves don’t work anymore? The teaching suddenly iu-Jitsu doesn’t work anymore?”

“No it’s a bad guy. Don’t blame that. There’s bad guys everywhere….”

Rutten acknowledges the church’s troubled history but focuses on its good works. He said: “I made a video about that too and then I say okay so we talked about what they did bad, let’s talk about what they did right. And then I wrap it up with that. And every person goes like, ‘Dude I had no idea.’ If you have the list of the hundreds of thousands of schools, everything that they pay for. The hospitals, one in five hospitals is free here… We started schools because of the Catholic faith. Women, like the feminists, are all… Listen, you have a voice because of the Catholic Church. They were nothing all the way back. There was the Church that said No no no no no, women have rights. And then they started doing that all that stuff.”

“This is how we go. We judge people on what they did wrong and that’s wrong.”

For the former UFC heavyweight champion, Catholicism embodies courage and discipline. Rutten’s unnerving encounter with the supernatural led him on an unexpected journey back to the roots of his traditional faith. Rutten discovered profound solace and meaning within the confines of Catholicism.