Bare knuckle star gives away bonus to opponent after devastating KO

In a recent bare-knuckle boxing match hosted by Top Dog Fighting Championship, a heartwarming moment unfolded that showcased both sportsmanship and skill. Alexander Sidoreno, a talented competitor, displayed his prowess in the ring and his generosity outside it.

The event, known for its thrilling and intense matches, took place on September 22 in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia, as part of Top Dog 23. Among the many exciting bouts, one in the preliminary card stood out.

From the moment the action began, Sidoreno demonstrated his remarkable skills. Both fighters engaged fiercely, but it became evident that Sidoreno had the upper hand. As the action continued, Sidoreno’s dominance grew. He cornered his opponent multiple times, delivering punishing blows.

With over a minute remaining in the first round, Sidoreno had already significantly wobbled his opponent. Then, in a rapid exchange, Sidoreno unleashed a lightning-speed left hook that sent his opponent crashing to the canvas, knocked out cold. Although his opponent briefly regained consciousness, he couldn’t stand up.

The referee attempted to communicate with the fallen fighter, encouraging him to get back on his feet. However, he remained on the floor, unable to continue. The referee waved his hands, signaling the end of the match, with Sidoreno declared the winner via a first-round knockout.

Beyond his exceptional performance in the ring, Alexander Sidoreno displayed an equally admirable act of kindness. He chose to gift his bonus money to his opponent, a gesture that resonated with fans and social media users. Local combat sports enthusiasts praised Sidoreno for his exceptional skills and compassionate attitude.

Messages of support and admiration flooded social media:

“Good health to Surkhay. Alexander is just a godsend.”
“Prelims are better than the main card!”
“It was so fast; I still don’t understand what happened. Excellent fight.”
“He is a future champion, definitely. Kind, modest guy, I’m rooting for you.”
This heartwarming incident serves as a reminder that sportsmanship and compassion can shine even in the most intense and competitive arenas, leaving a lasting impression on fans and fellow athletes alike.