Awkward moment UFC stars mishear Bruce Buffer and get confused about who the winner is

Fans of the UFC have mixed opinions on the “damn odd” misunderstanding that followed Bruce Buffer’s announcement of a bout decision. Charles Jourdain was left wrongly celebrating his win against Sean Woodson due to the incident.

At the UFC 297 bout, both featherweight competitors held up their fists as they awaited the outcome. After Buffer’s announcement, Jourdain celebrated by pounding the air with both arms. On the other hand, Woodson had a frustrated glance.

After they had hugged, Buffer explained the split decision win. This left both men speechless, with Woodson now beaming with happiness.

UFC fans took to social media to dissect the unusual mix-up, pointing fingers at iconic announcer Bruce Buffer, referee Jerin Valel, and the confused combatants. Opinions were divided on who bore responsibility for the perplexing moment.

Some fans argued that Buffer failed to clearly announce Woodson’s victory, despite the apparent clarity of the American’s performance.

Speculation arose on whether Buffer’s microphone quality played a role. One fan noted, “Noticed all night Buffers mic has been hard to understand.”

Another fan humorously questioned, “LOL at Buffer. How do you make ‘Sean’ sound like ‘Charles’?'”

Contrary to those blaming Buffer, some believed referee Jerin Valel was the source of the confusion. A third comment read: “It was the ref raising the wrong hand.”

It seems like this was the general consensus among fans. Some of the other comments regarding the referee’s fault were:

“It was the ref raising the wrong hand”

“It was fully on the ref, not Buffer.”

“It was the ref raising the wrong hand.”

Amidst the chaos, opinions diverged on whether the combatants’ themselves misheard Buffer’s announcement.

In the aftermath of this peculiar incident, UFC 297 will be remembered not only for the bout itself but also for the unexpected drama that unfolded in the moments following Bruce Buffer’s announcement.