(Video) When Conor McGregor destroyed former boxing champ Patrick Hyland in the Octagon

MMA star Conor McGregor dominated boxing veteran Patrick Hyland in a cage sparring session. The former featherweight champion was struggling hard when ‘The Notorious’ laid on some ground and pound.

Patrick Hyland is not new when it comes to tussling. He once dominated the featherweight and super featherweight class in boxing. The 38-year-old started his career in 2004 and was undefeated for 27 matches until 2012. He won the IBA and IBF title in 2009 and won the WBF featherweight title in 2011.

Patrick Hyland had a sparring session with fellow Irish Conor McGregor a while back. The pair had a mixed martial arts sparring session inside a cage. Hyland didn’t stand a chance against McGregor in his field of expertise.

Conor McGregor, wearing a red shirt, immediately shot for a takedown when the roll started. He pinned Hyland there and the boxing veteran couldn’t escape. The two were back in standing position but after throwing some punches and kicks McGregor took him down again.

The spar continued and in the next session the pair exchanged blows with McGregor successfully landing several jabs. Hyland also showed his experience with his combination of punches. Surprisingly, Hyland helplessly shot for a takedown several times. McGregor managed to get on top and locked Hyland in an armbar.

The footage was uploaded to social media by McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh. And Hyland didn’t mind one bit knowing people would see him get dominated.

Conor McGregor has been in recovery since June last year after he snapped his leg during a bout against Dustin Poirier. The 34-year-old is now fully recovered and will return to the octagon most likely in first half of 2023.

He expressed interest in competing in the welterweight division albeit all cards are on table as of right now.  McGregor also revealed that he will return to the boxing ring later on.