Athletic Comission Stops Melvin Guillard (0-14) From BKFC Fight

Former UFC fighter Melvin Guillard has been denied the license to fight on BKFC’s new event by the Florida Athletic Commission Executive Director Patrick Cunningham.

Following a brutal knockout loss to Joe Riggs this past October, the organization was hoping to book a fight between Melvin Guillard vs Ulysses Diaz for February 19.

The Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) released a report about the occurrence regarding the former UFC fighter:

“The Association of Boxing Commissions is comprised of regulatory agencies from around the country – agencies that must balance the promotion of the combative arts with safety and that requires making many tough decisions,” the ABC statement reads. “This week, the Florida Commission should be recognized for making one of those hard decisions: denying a fight that was proposed by Bare Knuckle Fight Championship (BKFC).”

Guillard has lost all of his most recent 14 professional fights, unless of course you count his street fights in nightclubs against regular people:

In 2017, Guillard was also suspended for six months by the Kansas Athletic Commission (KAC) for testing positive for cocaine, which would be the second time in his career that Guillard tested positive for the drug.

About dealing with his drug problems, Guillard told MMA Fighting at the time:

“I’ve always been my own worst enemy, I think that’s every human being’s problem in life. Every human suffers with something — where you can be better at something you’re good at, yet you’re still where you’re at.”

The explanation for the cancellation of the fight is that the commission is worried about Melvin Guillard’s neurological health, the release note detailed:

“On the surface, the fight might look competitive, but after doing due diligence, the executive director Patrick Cunningham found a serious concern with the health of Melvin Guillard,” the statement continues. “In checking the certified ABC record sources, BoxRec, and the MMA database, it was determined Guillard is suspended and requires a neurological exam, but even if he cleared that Guillard had lost the past 4 BKB bouts and had lost 9 mixed martial art events in a row. His last fight was at an unsanctioned event in the State of Montana which does not have an operating Commission.”

To put it in perspective, out of his last 8 MMA losses, Guillard has suffered 5 knockouts, including a streak of four consecutive knockout losses.

And as a bare-knuckle boxer, Melvin has 4 straight losses that include 3 knockouts.

ABC president Mike Mazzulli is a known critic of BKFC matchmaking, and he celebrated the decision from the Florida Commission:

“Again, great job Florida, looking out for fighter safety,” Mazzulli said. “We can only hope and pray BKFC will reevaluate their rosters and make a very entertaining sport safer for all combatants. If not, the ABC and the member commissions will be ready to hold their feet to the fire.”

This news comes on the wing of a veteran Justin Thornton dying in late 2021 from head injuries following a fight.

Association of Boxing Commissions had condemned the athletic commission in this case and issued a statement following the death of martial artist Justin Thornton:

“Disturbingly, and despite our recommendations, some jurisdictions regulating these events are still not following the minimum medical guidelines set forth by the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports (ABC) and the Association of Ringside Physicians (ARP),” the statement reads. “More concerning is the fact that many commissions still do not require any imaging studies (CT scan or MRI scan) in a sport where individuals are at risk for acute and chronic head injuries.”