Astrid Wett says Misfits Boxing treated her like “absolute dogsh*t”

Influencer boxing has recently emerged as a growing trend. Renowned creators such as Jake Paul and KSI have ventured into the ring, putting their skills to the test and captivating audiences worldwide.

Astrid Wett is a professional boxer and influencer who gained popularity through posting content on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

October 2023 witnessed the much-anticipated Prime Card by Misfits Boxing, a promotion led in part by KSI. The event made headlines as KSI faced defeat against Tommy Fury, and Logan Paul secured a victory over Dillon Danis. The event resulted in a historic 1.3 million PPV buys.

But amidst the success, not all participants shared in the joy. Influencer-boxer and OnlyFans creator Astrid Wett has come forward, shedding light on her distressing experience during the Prime Card.

In a seven-minute video uploaded on January 19, 2024, Astrid Wett revealed surprising details about her treatment by Misfits Boxing. She expressed feeling treated like “absolute dogsh*t,” alleging that Misfits manipulated her into accepting unfavorable terms. She also claimed that the promotion compelled her to sign the contract just days before the match.

Wett disclosed, “Misfits tell you that they pay their fighters well. They don’t. I was paid £12,000 to fight on that card, bearing in mind my training cost me £15,000 alone. They made their female champ fight for a loss on the biggest boxing influencer card of all time, by the way.”

Wett also asserted that Misfits threatened to remove her from the Prime Card if she didn’t headline their No. 9 event in Newcastle with a mere seven days’ notice.

She continued: “I don’t know whether they’re just sexist or not, but they boast about selling 1 million pay-per-views at £20 each on this card. So they made at least 20 million, yet they couldn’t afford to put my team in hotels. I had to pay for my own trainer and my own team to stay in a hotel for a week.”

According to Wett, Misfits refused to allow her to create any of her own promotional content for their events, even when she offered to cover production costs herself. She claims that when she asked to film with the Paul brothers and other fighters to hype up the event, Misfits told her no outright.

“Even though I was fighting on the show and I would be paying all of the production costs and promoting the event, I had a better social media month in December completely away from boxing,” Wett said in her video. “I mean, my social was better than ever. And if you look at the Misfits, vote for the female champ. I put on my Instagram story and I’m well clear of everybody.”

Wett explained that despite using her name and image to promote their events, including having her name in the title of a promotional YouTube video, she was forbidden from creating any of her own content around the events.

According to Wett, she was told multiple times leading up to her fight that she could not film or document the experience at all. “I was told multiple times on the prime card that I couldn’t film to put my camera away to stop making content around the fight,” she said.

Wett made it clear she felt wholly mistreated by Misfits Boxing, despite being their female champion. By refusing her requests for promotion and content creation, she believes they intentionally stifled her reach and failed to properly support her as a fighter representing their brand.

In the wake of these controversies, Astrid Wett decided to sever ties with Misfits Boxing. Co-president Mams Taylor responded on Twitter with a dismissive gif, downplaying the accusations. KSI has yet to provide a response.