Aspinall blows up knee in anticlimactic UFC London main event

Tom Aspinall suffered a serious setback against Curtis Blaydes at UFC London. The heavyweight contender appears to have gravely injured his leg during the opening round against Curtis Blaydes.

Aspinall was in good spirits in lead up to the event. In fact him and Mike Bisping wre asked to leave a restaurant after WRESTLING inside just yesterday.

Aspinall threw a kick, the kick was unchecked. He teetered backwards and his knee seemed to implode on the step back. He collapsed crushed onto the mat and it was fairly clear that there was no chance of the main event continuing.

This is the second time that a main event finishes like this in recent history. Previously Alexander Rakic suffered a similar type of an injury that compromised his knee and was unable to continue against Jan Blachowicz.

THe medical professionals speculate that Aspinall is likely looking at an MCL tear – due to his lengthy stay on the canvas of the cage and the medical assistance required to just get up. The medical staff brought a stretcher and seemed to be giving first aid to Aspinall who was visibly writhing in pain.

We’re wishing Tom Aspinall quick recovery. By the looks of it, it’s a serious injury and will likely affect his career for the foreseeable future.