Arizona man kills friend over MMA debate

On Feb. 21, a shooting in Phoenix resulted in the death of 24-year-old Dylan Forbes. The incident took place near 60th Street and Acoma Drive at around 9 p.m. Police officers who arrived on the scene found Forbes, who was in a vehicle, suffering from a fatal gunshot wound.

The suspect in the shooting, identified as 24-year-old Cameron Drake, fled the scene but later called the police to report that he shot Forbes in self-defense. When officers found Drake, they detained him for further investigation.

According to investigators, Forbes was in the car with Drake and another individual when a dispute broke out. Court documents reveal that the third person in the car ran away from the scene and called the police, stating that Drake had shot Forbes during an argument about sports, MMA, and boxing.

During a police interview, Drake claimed that he had asked Forbes to exit his car, but Forbes refused and instead pointed a gun at him. Drake then allegedly shot Forbes in the head, fearing for his own life. However, evidence found at the scene contradicted Drake’s account of the incident.

Drake was subsequently arrested and booked into jail on a second-degree murder charge. His bond was set at $250,000.

The fatal shooting of Dylan Forbes is a tragedy that has left the Phoenix community in mourning. While Cameron Drake claims he acted in self-defense, evidence found at the scene contradicts his story. The police investigation will likely provide more details about the circumstances that led to the incident. For now, Forbes’ family and friends are left mourning the loss of a loved one.