Ariel Helwani calls out Joe Rogan over ‘likes to get people to say things’ jab

Ariel Helwani has been attacking his critics lately, most prominently UFC color commentator Joe Rogan.

Belal Muhammad recently appeared as a guest on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast (JRE), The two discussed a variety of subjects, including the impressive run of the top-ranked welterweight contender.

The extended talk included mentions of Muhammad’s most recent matchup with Sean Brady. Khabib Nurmagomedov’s significant influence on that specific training camp was also discussed on the podcast.

It was brought up during this conversation that Brady had revealed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani that Brady ad received death threats on his wife’s Instagram account before UFC 280.

Unexpectedly, Joe Rogan seized the chance to quietly poke fun at Helwani. He implied that the Helwani is always looking for sensationalism to include in his work.


Ariel Helwani was sure to respond with a forceful refutation. On the most recent edition of The MMA Hour, Helwani launched a long rant against Joe Rogan.

He claimed that the well-known podcaster has faced problems in the past for being accused of disseminating false information via his platform:

“What does that even mean in general [that] Ariel Helwani likes people to say things or to get people to say things…. And especially rich coming from the guy who was pushing false narratives, false information, fake information and all kinds of nonsense over the past….”

“to the point where people were demanding that he get dropped from Spotify, which I never agreed with. Of course, we know what history is with Joe. He’s Dana White’s boy and he’s of course going to have his back.”

Helwani continued:

“As I’ve detailed before, at my lowest, he [Joe Rogan] spread lies about me…. It’s a bulls**t comment from someone who’s an interviewer… and joking or not, it’s stupid.”

MMA fans felt the urge to choose a side after seeing the two get into it out of the blue. Helwani’s unwavering response to Rogan’s claims received support from a number of followers.


One user commented: “Damn…@arielhelwani 10-7 @joerogan. Hey @JamieVernon tell your guy if he goes after the King he best not miss. I’ve listened to plenty of JRE and Joe does the same damn thing #Heelwani.”

Another said: “Going after Joe Rogan is pretty bold from anyone in MMA media. I’m behind the CEO, but this is not Schaub we are talking about.”

Additionally, Rogan’s fans have spoken up. One commented:

“I like @arielhelwani. I didn’t always agree but respected. Now you come after the King @joerogan saying he pushed false narratives? You don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t let a little criticism land you in a war you can’t win, JR will never respond bc he knows his power.”