Anthony Pettis reveals hilarious behind-the-Scenes moment of groin striking cameraman during “Showtime Kick”

UFC veteran Anthony Pettis, renowned for his iconic “Showtime Kick,” recently shared a surprising and humorous anecdote about the moment that became synonymous with his fighting style. The 36-year-old fighter disclosed that during the execution of the legendary kick, he accidentally delivered a groin kick to a cage cameraman.

Pettis, a fixture in mixed martial arts since 2007, gained widespread recognition for his striking prowess, securing WEC and UFC lightweight titles. The pinnacle of his highlight-reel moments came with the “Showtime Kick” during the WEC lightweight title bout against Benson Henderson in 2010.

In the midst of a competitive clash with Henderson, Pettis executed a remarkable flying head kick by utilizing the cage, a move that later became immortalized as the “Showtime Kick.” While fans marveled at the elegance of the kick, Pettis recently revealed a lesser-known aspect of that moment.

During a recent appearance, Pettis chuckled as he shared, “That camera guy on the fence… When I jumped off, I kicked him in the nuts and then I hit Benson.” The revelation adds a humorous twist to the historic kick, as Pettis accidentally landed his foot on the cameraman’s groin area while propelling himself off the cage.

In a footage snippet shared by Pettis, the inadvertent groin kick to the cameraman is evident. The quick sequence captures the cameraman’s surprise before he adjusts his position, highlighting the unexpected and comical side of the iconic “Showtime Kick.”

Anthony Pettis boasts a extensive career in professional mixed martial arts, competing in various promotions such as WEC, UFC, and PFL. With a record of 25 wins and 14 losses, Pettis remains an influential figure in the MMA scene. Although he hasn’t officially announced retirement from MMA, Pettis ventured into boxing in April, securing a victory via majority decision against Roy Jones Jr.

The revelation of the accidental groin kick adds a unique layer to the “Showtime Kick,” showcasing the unpredictability and humor that can unfold behind the scenes in the world of mixed martial arts.