Andrew Tate pushes back against Cowboy Cerrone, after UFC vet questions his record: ‘Didn’t McGregor finish him?’

Andrew Tate recently engaged in a spirited discussion with Adam 22 and Adin Ross on their popular streaming platform. The Tate brothers and Ross frequently collaborate on streams where they host guests with contrasting perspectives or those who hold reservations about the brothers’ views.

During a conversation with Adam 22, the podcast host recalled an encounter with retired vet Donald Cerrone. In this meeting, Cerrone said that Tate lacked proficiency in the art of combat sports.

Tate swiftly responded, emphasizing his extensive record:

“The thing about fighting as a sport is that everybody who watches it goes, this guy can’t fight….I’d like to think that my record stands for itself. I’ve had 88 fights, I’ve had a bunch of fights, four-time world champion, I’ve fought a bunch of rules including MMA….I won a bunch of titles and made some money…. and as for Cerrone, I’ve heard of him, didn’t McGregor finish him?”

Andrew Tate dismantled Adam 22’s impertinent remark, defending his impressive combat record. He also didn’t shy away from highlighting that Cerrone had been defeated by Conor McGregor.

More recently, Andrew Tate made an appearance on Adin Ross’ stream to meet ‘Kim Jong-un.’ The anticipation was palpable, as Ross had teased that he had managed to secure a rare interview with the North Korean leader. However, the revelation was rather unexpected. ‘Kim Jong-un’ turned out to be an impersonator, complete with a distinctive British accent.

In a peculiar turn of events during the stream, Tate found himself reminiscing about his past aspirations while growing up with limited means.

He said: “When I had no money at all, and I was growing up in Luton on a council estate with a single mother with no money, I had all these dreams of what I’d do if I ever got rich….Turns out, I go to Romanian jail and get woken up at 3 in the morning by Adin Ross to come and talk to a Kim Jong-un impersonator. What am I doing with my life?”


The entire stream was peppered with such remarkable moments, and these snippets have now become a viral sensation across social media platforms. Videos featuring Tate, Ross, and the uncanny impersonator are amassing millions of views, captivating audiences worldwide.