Andrew Tate gets a win in court but still denied access to $12M in seized assets including infamous Bugatti

On December 30, 2022, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan faced arrest in Romania amid a property raid. The aftermath was swift – authorities seized a significant portion of their assets.

Despite their subsequent release into house arrest, reclaiming their possessions from Romanian authorities remains an unresolved struggle.

The most recent story claims that since Romanian authorities has rejected their plea to return their assets, Andrew Tate’s famous Bugatti won’t be coming back anytime soon.

Newsweek reports that Andrew and Tristan Tate will not be receiving their possessions back anytime soon. A December 11, 2023 ruling by a Romanian court stated that they would remain in government custody.

The confirmed value of the assets seized are over $12M. This includes the eye-catching orange Bugatti Chiron, 15 prime properties in and around Bucharest, an assorted fleet of 14 cars, an impressive collection of 145 watches, and more.

In a rare win, the brothers are no longer confined to Bucharest, and can travel around Romania.

Even Tristan’s girlfriend Abigail Tyson faced rejection in her plea for the release of her assets alongside the Tate brothers. Despite the provision to appeal within 48 hours of the ruling, hopes remain uncertain.

The pursuit to regain access to their property continues, marking the most recent chapter in this legal saga. This arrives shortly after conditions allowed Andrew and Tristan to go outside their Bucharest residence. Nevertheless, the two are still under investigation and are unable to leave the nation.

After the first GTA 6 teaser was officially released, a number of well-known broadcasters, celebrities, and others responded to the new video. Andrew and Tristan Tate are the most recent celebrities to share their opinions on the much-awaited video game.

The Tate brothers discussed their opinions on the new trailer and the GTA series in general during their most recent live broadcast on Rumble.

Andrew Tate immediately said that he had “never played any” Grand Theft Auto games. Tristan followed suit, admitting that he has only ever played the original game from the 90s.

Tristan said: “I’m not a fan of anyone under the age of 18, 21 maybe, playing video games where the goal is to shoot police officers.”