Andrew Tate allegedly self-incriminates in jail

Andrew Tate has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Along with his brother Tristan, he was arrested by the Romanian police for allegedly running a trafficking network that coerced women into making adult content. The charges against the brothers include human trafficking, money laundering, and the formation of a criminal organization.

The investigation is ongoing, and Andrew Tate will be held in custody until the end of March. The case has taken a new turn with reports that he discussed bribing Romanian authorities during an unauthorized call from prison. This can lead to additional charges against him.

Moe Gangat, who has worked with the NBA and NFL Players’ Association and represented numerous Fortune 500 firms, has been following the trial closely.

He shared some information on his TikTok account, claiming that Andrew Tate had been making unauthorized calls and discussing bribing public officials.

The situation has put a spotlight on the influencer industry, which has been criticized for promoting toxic and harmful behavior.

KSI’s Misfits Boxing, along with DAZN, has been organizing successful events that have included some of the biggest personalities in the influencer industry.

Fans are now demanding a match between KSI and his business partner Logan Paul against the Tate brothers.

A hypothetical match poster between Team PRIME and the Tate brothers was recently uploaded on Reddit by a fan, generating a lot of interest.

KSI responded to the concept on his YouTube channel, saying that it could be the biggest pay-per-view event of all time. He expressed confidence in his ability to defeat the Tate brothers and stated that it would not be a challenge.

Considering the Tate brothers’  legal issues it’s certain they would rather be debating promotion for a PPV event. They’re likelt ro spend a while longer in detention.