Andrew Tate allegedly caught on wiretap admitting to money laundering and other crimes

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate was arrested and has serious crime allegations hanging over his head.

Andrew Tate, who is a former kickboxer, has become a huge name in the past few months. The British-American kickboxer gained a huge following by creating a mess on social media. Tate is a provocateur and often publishes inflammatory statements regarding gender, women, business, and class. He uses his controversial takes and toxic masculinity to gain clout and followers.

He also became a businessman and owns several Casinos in his home country Romania. With all that, Andrew Tate is now a top-tier social media influencer in 2022, especially among younger audiences.

Due to his controversial takes, many accused him of serious crimes, such as money laundering, forming criminal groups, and even human trafficking. None of the accusations were legally pursued until now.

Andrew Tate along with his brother Tristan was arrested towards the end of last year. They seized him after catching him on wiretap. According to Digi24, Tate admitted to having committed several crimes on a wire tap

“You’re not stupid and you can probably guess how I make so much money. I have to hide what I’m really doing. I’ve been doing this for a long time with a team of girls working on video chat.”

“The company was fake, but this is how I laundered my dirty money. Some of the girls who worked for me. I used them to do other things. To move money or illegal things, documents, etc.” Tate reportedly said.

Another report also revealed that the Tate brothers intimidated their female workers. They claimed that Tates placed armed guards in every room to make the models work around the clock.

The models also claimed that they were forced to ink a tattoo on their body that would read “Owned by Tate”.

“The Tate brothers’ victims told prosecutors that when they first arrived at the suspects’ villa, they were met by armed guards. Their role was to put pressure on the women so that they never took a break from the work they were doing on the adult sites.”

“The humiliation of the victims did not stop there. Investigators have obtained shocking statements from women who were allegedly recruited by the Tate brothers. They told that they were forced to get tattoos with the message ‘owned by Tate’, .

Tate’s fanbase is reportedly boycotting the upcoming Vice documentary about him.