Former Boxing World Champion Amir Khan feared his life would end in the ring

Former light-welterweight world champion Amir Khan opened up following his retirement in February. ‘King’ said he was afraid that he might not leave the ring alive if he continued to box.

Amir Khan decided to hang up his boxing gloves following a devastating loss on February 19. He boxed Kell Brook who also retired following the match. They exchanged blows until Brook knocked Khan out in the 6th round.

‘I tore my rotator cuff, my tendon split in half in my right arm, it’s still sore now and I can’t lift it up much,’ the 35-year-old said, three days after announcing his retirement.

‘But I didn’t want to tell people about that because I didn’t want people to say “Amir is making excuses”.

Following the match, the 35-year-old retired and went out with a score consisting of 34 wins and 6 losses, ending his 17 year long boxing career.

The reason behind his retirement is that Khan has so many things to lose now. The Englishman is now determined to put his family first and enjoy his life with the millions he earned from boxing.

“Yeah, you’re always one punch away from getting hurt. I’ve got a beautiful family, beautiful kids, I’ve got enough money in the bank so let’s sit back and relax. Why continue when anything can happen?” Khan said on Mirror.

Khan added that he is not ready to risk everything he has. He also feared receiving severe injuries that could make him unable to enjoy life.

“You’re only one punch away from getting hurt, knocked out or killed. While I’ve got the chips on my side, I’m happy to walk away and call it a day. You’re always one punch away from getting hurt, that’s something I was always scared of, I wouldn’t be there for the kids. There’s no point making all this money and you don’t enjoy it.” Khan said.

Amir Khan also revealed some benefits as a retired boxer. The Bolton-born said boxing fans treated him better and with more respect, unlike the time when he was still active.

“The message I’m getting is people now appreciate you a little bit more,” said the 35-year-old Khan. I didn’t ever think that would happen. Maybe you get more respect when you retire than when you’re in the sport.” Khan said on BBC Sport.