American top team star, Kyoji Horiguchi, wins title & proposes to girlfriend

Kyoji Horiguchi won the inaugural Rizin flyweight title after submitting Makoto Shinryu in the second round. This event at Rizin 45 on New Year’s Eve marked an important moment not just for Horiguchi but also for the promotion itself.

Takahashi initiated the match with a dominant display in the opening round. He executed an early takedown and gained an advantageous top position. But Horiguchi demonstrated remarkable activity from his grounded position, continuously threatening Takahashi with guillotine chokes.

In the second round, Horiguchi set the pace by landing a precise straight right followed by a left hook. The impact forced Takahashi to stumble backward, prompting the former Rizin bantamweight champion to launch a swift kick.

Horiguchi swiftly regained his standing position and unleashed a rapid succession of punches. However, a missed looping shot by Horiguchi allowed Takahashi to seize an opportunity. A brief scuffle followed, ultimately leading Horiguchi to land himself in a dominant half guard position.

Takahashi conceded his back in an attempt to evade Horiguchi’s advances. Seizing this opportunity, Horiguchi expertly secured a rear-naked choke. With a firm body lock in place, the inevitability of Takahashi’s submission loomed. Takahashi ended up tapping out at the 4:54 mark.

Securing this victory, Horiguchi’s professional record now stands at an impressive 32 wins, 5 losses, 0 draws, and 1 no-contest. Conversely, Takahashi’s record now stands at 16 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw, and 1 no-contest.

While the title win itself was a monumental achievement, it was what followed that truly captured hearts. Horiguchi had some plans of his own to work on once he’d secured the gold belt around his waist.

Amidst the golden confetti embellishing the ring, Horiguchi turned to his girlfriend. Seizing the moment, he dropped down on one knee and proposed.

Amidst tears of joy, she graciously took hold of the microphone and ensured her heartfelt acceptance. Horiguchi then tenderly slid the ring on her now-fiancée’s finger.

Horiguchi is a combatant who has challenged for a UFC title, secured Bellator gold, and is now a Rizin titleholder. This moment will be remarkable in his personal life, crafting an enduring memory of an evening that will forever hold a cherished place in his heart.