Amanda Nunes schools Julianna Pena, leaves her bloodied

Amanda Nunes had a lot to prove heading into UFC 277. Nunes was long one of the biggest favorites in WMMA – not so much for her charisma as much as it was due to her punishing style.

Nunes and Pena had been coaching season 30 of TUF – with the finale set to air in a little while.

Nunes’ new setup is clearly working. While Round one was fairly measured Nunes ‘switched on’ and had landed a big right right on Pena’s ear early on.

Nunes even went for a takedown in the final minute of the round – albeit unsuccessfully for now.

Pena put on a brave face, but Nunes dropped her right as round 2 was starting. Referee Mike Beltran appeared to be contemplating a stoppage but opted against. Pena tried to pressure Nunes but to no avail. When all was said and done Nunes dropped Pena thrice in this round.

Pena would go on to have a significant armbar attempt in the fourth – which might’ve worked if not for the proximity of the cage. This time Nunes wasn’t panicking and had proven her bjj defense is on point.

Nunes would sporadically spam takedowns – most of them successful further making Pena work from guard all while eating punishing elbows here and there.

Official Result: Amanda Nunes def. Julianna Pena by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-44, 50-43)