Amanda Nunes left ATT because she felt threatened by Kayla Harrison

Amanda Nunes has been struggling to cash in on her name recognition. Ever since she beat Ronda Rousey in spectacular fashion, Nunes became a mainstay in women’s MMA. But despite the efforts to market her, the UFC failed miserably.

Nunes still holds the shady record for least PPVs sold.  UFC 224 is the least profitable PPV in the post UFC 200 era – with another card headlined by Nunes in number 2 spot. 224 did 85,000 buys while 215 did roughly 100,000.

By comparison – the record for PPV buys is the clash between Nurmagomedov and McGregor that did 2,400,000 buys.

But Nunes still feels slighted  considering she was the first woman at ATT and had put the gym on the map thanks to her dominance.

In a recent interview, Nunes revealed:

“There were no girls when I got to American Top Team. I was the first woman to bring two belts and put the women’s team in history. When Kayla got there and then Kunitskaya, it began creating a weird situation for me because that was my territory.”

“And then Kayla started talking. I was kind of, ‘Man, I’m not safe even in my territory.’ I was kind of cornered, even because we share the same coaches. She trains with Mike Brown and I train with Mike Brown. I was already training with them when she got there.”

“If I wasn’t who I really am, a champion in two divisions, cool, no problem. But I was the champion already. She would have to train somewhere else to fight me.”

Despite the fact Harrison ended up resigning with the PFL – Nunes ended up leaving the gym.

“After my departure [from ATT], it’s entirely on Kayla to signing with the UFC. I’ll be there waiting for anything. Of course, it will be way better now that we’re on difference sides.”