Alex Pereira calls says training with Steven Seagal was ‘Mind opening’

Reigning UFC Middleweight Champion Alex Pereira recently engaged in a highly productive training session alongside renowned martial artist Steven Seagal. This collaboration comes as Pereira gears up to defend his title against Jamahal Hill at the much-anticipated UFC 300.

In preparation for his match, Pereira opted to enhance his skills under the guidance of Steven Seagal. He is a distinguished figure in martial arts and cinema. Seagal boasts a 7th dan black belt in Aikido.

Following their rigorous training, Pereira shared clips of the session on social media where the two exchanged their knowledge of techniques and insights.

During an interview with Shak MMA on YouTube, Pereira shed light on the transformative impact of his training with Seagal. He emphasized how the session strengthened his mental fortitude. Additionally, he said that the experience had opened his mind and made him willing to pick up and embrace new knowledge and concepts.

Pereira stated: “Steven Seagal opened the mind a little bit it was good, it was good to share and trade ideas with him. So it was a very good time for us.”

Alex Pereira compared the experience to his Anderson Silva training session. He managed to incorporate several tips from the two of them into his own game.

As the conversation went on, Pereira was questioned about who between Jiri Prochazka and Jamahal Hill he considered to be a more formidable opponent. It’s interesting to note that Prochazka is the one whom Pereira mentioned.

In Alex Pereira’s opinion, Jamahal Hill will be a less difficult opponent than Jiri Prochazka. At UFC 300, the Brazilian will face off against Hill as he will be making his comeback from injury.

In his most recent match, Pereira defeated Jiri Prochazka. He ended up claiming victory in a clinical manner with a fantastic knockout in round 2.

Examining his rivals, Pereira said: “I think Jiri is more accurate and precise on his strikes…. Jamahal Hill have a little more advantage on his power, which makes him dangerous too…..But when you talk about skill level, Jiri Prochazka is superior.”

In Alex Pereira’s opinion, Jiri Prochazka is a better striker than Jamahal Hill. However, the American does possess strong knockout power. He said it was difficult to tell the difference between the two, but Prochazka is a more dangerous opponent because of his overall accuracy.