Alex Gustafsson gets mauled in light heavyweight return

Alexander Gustafsson had a rough night at UFC London. Gustafsson was booked to face Russian/Ukrainian Nikita Krylov on the main card of UFC London. This marked the return of Gustafsson to light heavyweight.

Desite his Hall of fame status, Gustafsson got swarmed early and was unable to get a word in, sort of speak. He defended against the first flurry of punches, tried recovering but a second onslaught promptly finished him.

Prior to the bout, Gustafsson explained his reasoning on returning to light heavyweight:
“It’s my division, so feeling good to be back,” Gustafsson said at UFC London media day. “My body feels good and that’s it. It’s my division.”

“Not at all. A fight’s a fight, and I felt the heavyweight division, and I was feeling very comfortable in the heavyweight division, but I’ve always been in the light heavyweight division, so that’s my division. So I’m back,” Gustafsson said. “I felt strong as a heavyweight. The fight ended up as it did, but I felt strong. I felt fast for being a heavyweight, and also I’m a pretty big light heavyweight, so it was good. But the light heavyweight division has always been there, it’s always where I’ve been fighting, competing. I feel great to be back. I’m excited to be back, and it’s been a while.”

This was a fourth straight loss for Gustafsson.