Alex Emelianenko abruptly ends interview after question about his brother Fedor

Alex Emelianenko is the younger brother of mixed martial arts legend Fedor Emelianenko. He recently abruptly ended an interview after being asked about his relationship with his brother.

Recently, Fedor Emelianenko met with UFC GOAT Jon Jones in a recent event in Saudi Arabia. During that meeting, Jones asked Fedor about his brother Alex.

The interviewer referred to that meetup in his question. He asked: “Last week Jon Jones said hello to you through Fedor Emelianenko. What was your first reaction when you saw this video?”

Alex then replied: “I had a normal reaction. I think Jon Jones didn’t start to do martial arts when I started to fight. He started to watch me on TV. He is a good man. He was present at my fights. He came and supported me.”

The interviewer referenced seeing a quote from Alex on social media where he expressed wanting to talk to Fedor. He asked “When was the last time you talked to him?”

Alex responded defensively, saying: “When did I say that? Can you remind me?”

After the interviewer explained the context, Alex refused to discuss the matter further. He “I don’t want you to ask me questions… We won’t talk about it.”

Alex continued shutting down personal questions, telling the interviewer “Don’t ask me personal questions. You need to talk about news. You need to talk about it.”

He then referenced his social media and said the interviewer could follow him on social media. He said: “Follow me on social media. You will know everything.”

The abrupt ending highlights the strained relationship between the two brothers, who were once very close. Fans have long wondered about the status of their relationship as the once inseparable brothers now appear distant.

Alex’s defiant refusal to discuss his brother sheds shows the between the two. It seems personal matters between the two remain unresolved.

Alex Emelianenko recently battled drinking problems for seven months at an Ingushetia recovery facility. Images of him in traditional Arab garb and addressing himself as “Abu Bakr” after a trip to Saudi Arabia prompted many to believe he had become a Muslim.

But the director of the Boxing Federation of Ingushetia, Gazgiriev, stated that Emelianenko is still a Christian in an interview. It was Gazgiriev who took Alex to the Islamic center, where he was able to stop drinking.