Aguilar scores amazing 17-second KO in sickening scenes at UFC 290

In a display of power and precision, Jesus Aguilar secured the second-fastest finish in UFC flyweight history. He delivered a strong overhand right that left Gold Coast flyweight Shannon Ross unconscious during their bout at UFC 290.

During the prelim match on Sunday at T-Mobile Arena, Ross was knocked out in only 17 seconds that left him splayed on the floor for many minutes.

Aguilar is primarily known for his exceptional submission skills rather than striking prowess. He surprised the audience when he cleverly feigned a jab, only to swiftly follow up with a overhand right that found its mark with pinpoint accuracy.


Ross was caught completely off guard, and crumpled to the canvas upon impact. The knockout blow rendered Ross unconscious from the moment it connected, causing genuine concern among viewers for his immediate well-being.

Fortunately, the Australian gradually regained consciousness. As he left the Octagon, he saw a replay of the strike.

“I’m here live and I thought Ross was dead. He didn’t wake up for 2 minutes,” expressed a concerned fan present at the event.

Numerous fans echoed their sentiments, emphasizing the nature of the knockout and acknowledging Jesus Aguilar’s undeniable talent.

” Jesus is for real,” commended another fan, clearly impressed by Aguilar’s performance.

“Right hand came all the way from Grandma’s house,” remarked a third fan.

This defeat marked Ross’s second consecutive loss in the UFC, adding to his overall record of three losses following a knockout defeat during his Contender Series appearance.

Ross’s path to the UFC was riddled with obstacles. Ross was selected for Dana White’s Contender Series in Las Vegas last year. But during the week, he had appendicitis.

After being knocked unconscious and being taken to the hospital for emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix, he eventually got a dream contract with the UFC.

For Jesus Aguilar, this impressive victory comes following his loss in his Octagon debut against Tatsuro Taira.