Adrian Yanez: UFC Staff were telling me to f*ck Tony Kelley up

Ahead of his fight against Tony Kelley at UFC Austin, Adrian Yanez had plenty of support, including from within the promotion itself.

Yanez, a rising 135-pound prospect, opened the main card against Kelley, who has been controversial as of late following comments he directed towards Brazilians while in the corner of his partner Andrea Lee.

With that in mind, Yanez not only had the support of his home state of Texas on fight night, but also the country of Brazil and a host of fighters, fans, and pundits who took issue with Kelley’s remarks and lack of remorse.

The UFC’s staff were seemingly left joyous by Yanez’s knockout of Kelley inside one round. Yanez’s backers will be pleased to know that he did so with little resistance and in some style.

Gilbert Burns was among those left delighted by the result, with “Durinho” even lining Yanez’s pockets with some extra bonus money.

In a recent interview with The AllStar, Yanez looked back on his victory over Kelley in Austin.

“It was a very satisfying victory, especially after learning that members of the promotion’s staff were rooting for me to beat Kelley,” said Yanez. “I was filled with a lot of emotion and raw energy during that fight, and I’m glad that I was able to win.”

Despite the victory, Kelley has continued to trash talk post-fight. However, Yanez has said that he would be open to fighting him again. With Yanez moving into the bantamweight top 15 in the latest.