Adrian Yanez Accepts Gilbert Burns’ ‘Bounty’ For knocking out Tony Kelley

After KOing Tony Kelley at UFC Austin last night, Adrian Yanez gloated a fair bit.

With a first-round knockout of Kelley on the UFC Austin main event, Yanez exacted vengeance on behalf of Burns and the rest of Brazil. Brazilian fans and professionals were angered by the comments Kelley made while cornering Andrea Lee.

Following Kelley’s offensive remarks, Burns requested an apology from Kelley. However, Kelley instead blamed ‘cancel culture’ for the criticism he faced.

“I have nothing against Brazilians, I have nothing against anyone. Actually, I dislike everyone equally, I’ll put it that way.”

“So I think pretty much I’ve answered all that, much love to my Brazilian fans and friends. If you don’t like what I said, I don’t know what to tell you on that, sorry. Sorry if you got your feelings hurt.” Kelley said.

Burns promised Yanez a financial incentive if he could knockout Kelley at UFC Austin after the video of Kelley’s words went viral. Burns seemed to follow through on his promise after Yanez knocked out Kelley.

Burns tweeted: “My guy [Adrian Yanez] representing [Brazil].“DM me your Zelle or cash app! CONGRATS!!”

Following their heated buildup, Yanez looked to be adopting a more modest approach to his victory against Kelley. As Burns revealed in a follow-up tweet, Yanez had declined Burns’ offer.

“Come on my guys! Make sure you push [Adrian Yanez] to accept the money he don’t want it! It’s been a fight,” Burns tweeted.

Yanez, on the other hand, eventually caved in. He stated his plans for spending Burns’ money.

Adrian tweeted: “Big thank you to @GilbertDurinho definitely spending that on my son!! I greatly appreciate it.”

Yanez had the opportunity to fight in his home state of Texas this past weekend. He also drew a sizable Brazilian following into his match with Kelley.

Yanez is one of the UFC’s most promising bantamweight prospects. He plans to continue his rise in the division later this year.

Meanwhile Kelley promised to share his side in yet another interview.

“At the end of the day….it’s still 🖕🏼 F*** youuuu 🖕🏼 haterrsss
Who’s next ?! @ufc #PRIMETIME

Lot of context for what happened last night.. but shit it is what it is, you simple mfers couldn’t begin to understand…. 💯

Check my upcoming interview to get the full scoop.” Kelley shared on social media.