Adesanya reveals another actor bad-mouthed him after Paulo Costa clash

Israel Adesanya might be the longtime middleweight champion but his strategic perfomances aren’t earning him any hard core fans. The reigning UFC middleweight champ recently revealed there was another actor who criticized him for his performance.

‘The Last Stylebender’ defended his title against number two contender Jared Cannonier earlier this month. Adesanya and Cannonier clashed for 5 rounds and Adesanya was announced as the victor via unanimous decision, marking his 5th successful title defense.

However, a lot of fans and professional athletes have criticized Adesanya for putting on a ‘boring’ performance. They believe Adesanya is capable of more but chose to play it safe instead. Not to mention that the 32-year-old has been doing this for the last three bouts.

Popular actor Chris Pratt who is a big fan of MMA himself also weighed in on the situation. The 43-year-old  felt disappointed by Adesanya’s performance. During a broadcast on ESPN, Pratt criticized Adesanya:

“I’m like ‘Come on, man! Cash on that!’ You gotta cash that promise of being so bad *ss. And I dunno. If I bet with my money, I would have bet Adesanya’d do something like that. But I was hoping to see Cannonier make it.” Pratt said.

Though Pratt has apologized, Adesanya is still quite irritated. During a recent video, Adesanya recalled the time when another actor criticized him after he defeated Paulo Costa in 2020.

“When I f***ed up Costa, I got criticized by another actor. I f***ed up Costa, but yet again, he criticized me … ‘Great athlete, s*** human’ or whatever he said, I can’t remember.”

“I’m not doing this for anyone, you can’t make anyone happy. It’s not even the s*** like, again, they’d never say this to my face.” Adesanya said.

Adesanya was measured against Paulo Costa and had basically rendered him helpless via leg kicks before finishing Costa. During the celebration Adesanya famously playhumped Costa’s back.

“These are people who play, act, as heroes. They act as tough guys. I’m not an actor, I don’t act. I am. So … There’s a big difference. I think it’s because it was public as well. I don’t care if you have the opinion. “

“Okay cool, keep it to yourself, keep it among your friends. But when you come out publicly to say that it’s like ‘yo, you want smoke? You want fire?’” Adesanya said.