Adesanya & MMA Pros react to Roe vs Wade drama: “Ban condoms”

USA is currently facing more political turmoil. The supreme court just overturned one infamous court case – Roe vs Wade lawsuit.

Roe vs Wade is a name given to one of the most important lawsuits in US history. It is landmark judgement that took place in 1983 where the court made abortion a constitutional right. In other words,

It protects a pregnant women’s right to not have a child. Since then the law has been a part of a long debate in the United States.

The court in a 6-3 majority decision has put ban on abortion after 15 weeks. Now that doesn’t mean that abortion is completely banned in USA it is simply not a fundamental rights but it surely creates problems for many people.

This prompted a reaction from many MMA professionals.


Current Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya proposed his own solution:

Bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling added:
“Narrow-minded thinking. All situations aren’t the same. Luckily you never had to face those kinds of situations. Must be nice where you’re sitting, huh?”

Michael Chiesa suggested people scrutinize officials they vote for.

“In light of Roe vs Wade being overturned, it’s imperative going forward that you pay very close attention to who you vote for.”