Adesanya comes in with the receipts: du Plessis’ did make ‘Real African’ comments

The rivalry between Israel Adesanya and Dricus du Plessis has intensified, reaching unprecedented levels of tension and animosity. The clash between these two champions has captured the attention of MMA fans worldwide, with their verbal exchanges fueling the feud.

At UFC 290 after du Plessis had defeated Robert Whittaker, Adesanya entered the cage and hurled a volley of expletives that seemed to have been reserved just for du Plessis.

At the heart of this controversial encounter lies a history. In a bold statement, du Plessis previously claimed to be the sole real African competitor in the UFC. He insinuated that others were falsely adopting the African label without even residing or training from there.

In response to the statement, Israel recently Adesanya shared a video compilation that shed light on the ongoing dispute.

The first video showcased du Plessis questioning if there was any evidence of him stating himself as the “real African” and accusing others of being “fake Africans.” The second clip featured a recurring segment from du Plessis’ previous octagon interview, where he expressed his aspiration to become the “real African” champion.

Adesanya shared the video on his social media with the caption: “These n*ggas just be lying 😂😂😏”


Following the intense face off between Adesanya and du Plessis at UFC 290, former middleweight title challenger Chael Sonnen offered a scathing critique of Adesanya’s behavior. In a recent YouTube video, Sonnen pointed out that Adesanya seemed to have lost control of himself.

He said: “Adesanya lost his mind tonight in front of you and it was real and it didn’t have anything to do with money and it did not have anything to do with fame. He lost his mind tonight on a poor up-and-comer, who does not have a beautiful contract, who is not world-known, who is not a face that is going to go down as an icon of his industry.”

Sonnen went on to say:

“The big man picked on the little man and he couldn’t control himself. It was real. And it was real because ‘Izzy’ hasn’t let that other stuff in. He hasn’t let those distractions in. He’s that same hungry guy.”