According to Police report UFC champion Jon Jones Threatened to Kill UFC appointed PED Tester

The Albuquerque Police Department sprang into action following an incident involving UFC icon Jon Jones and a dr*g testing agent.

The collecting method of PED testing is handled by an agency named DFSI. The UFC and USADA had a partnership for a number of years. However, last year the UFC severed their connection and began working under contract with DFSI.

Reports suggest that a testing representative who was working on behalf of DFSI, encountered Jon Jones while attempting to administer a PED test. The situation quickly escalated as the tester observed signs of Jones being out of it. Allegedly, Jones resorted to threatening behavior. He even went as far as seizing the tester’s cellphone during the encounter.

Even though the incident occurred around the end of March, the tester traveled to a place close to Jones’ house recently. The Albuquerque Police Department promptly launched an investigation into the reported altercation. As of right now, a check of court records turned up no criminal summons or charges pertaining to this occurrence.

The tester and the police met at a different place in the far northeast of Albuquerque. The alleged criminal act is now being looked into by APD.

Longtime UFC champion Jones is the current heavyweight champion. Later in the year, he was supposed to defend his heavyweight championship. Jones was hurt during training last year, which prevented him from facing Stipe Miocic.

Jones has previous encountered legal issues in various states, including New Mexico, New York, and Nevada. Despite his athletic skills, his run-ins with the law have garnered attention and raised concerns about his conduct outside the octagon.

As a long-standing UFC champion, Jon Jones’ reputation is closely intertwined with his professional achievements. With an upcoming heavyweight title defense on the horizon, the alleged altercation casts a shadow over his career trajectory. Fans and critics alike await further developments as the investigation unfolds.