A 19 year old just broke Schwarzenegger’s record looks unrecognizable year to year


In a stunning two-year journey, 19-year-old bodybuilder Anton Ratushnyi, who shattered Arnold Schwarzenegger’s longstanding record, showcases an incredible physical transformation. From securing three consecutive National Physique Committee (NPC) titles to earning his pro card at the age of 19, Ratushnyi’s journey has captivated the bodybuilding community.

Ratushnyi, who now holds the title of the youngest IFBB Classic Pro and the overall champion at NPC Nations 2023, emphasizes the importance of self-belief amid adversity. His recent victory in the NPC national division title in Texas marks his transition from an amateur to a professional bodybuilder.

The young bodybuilder took to Instagram to share his triumph, expressing gratitude for overcoming challenges and pursuing his true passion. Followers flooded his post with congratulatory messages, acknowledging his dedication and inspiring journey.

Ratushnyi’s Instagram serves as a visual timeline of his transformation, with regular updates showcasing the remarkable changes in his physique. A comparison between his teenage years and his current muscular form highlights the significant progress he has achieved through rigorous training and disciplined dieting.

The post also features shots taken in 2021, offering a mid-transformation glimpse at Ratushnyi’s impressive physique. The commitment to his training becomes even more apparent in recent photos, where increased muscle mass and vascularity demonstrate his unwavering dedication to the sport.

Witness the evolution of Anton Ratushnyi as he continues to redefine bodybuilding standards and inspire a new generation of enthusiasts with his remarkable achievements.