7x Mr Olympia Phil Heath admits he used PEDs

In an interesting interview, 7-time Mr. Olympia champion Phil Heath appeared to admit to using PEDs during his bodybuilding career. When asked about PED use in bodybuilding, Heath said “I’m sure they dabbled in that. To what extent I can’t speak of?”

He went on to imply that PED use was widespread, saying “I think it’s something that is of a personal choice. I think it’s based on one’s blood work as far as I’m concerned.” Heath admitted that he did not get PED tested early in his amateur career, stating “My first couple of bodybuilding shows I was competing against guys that I didn’t realize were unnatural.”

While Heath did not explicitly confess to taking PEDs himself, his comments suggest he was aware of widespread PED use by his competitors and did not categorically deny using them during his professional career. “If you were to ever do something, make sure you do one major thing. And you know what that is, and I’m sure you’ve done it. Get your blood work done,” he stated.

PED use has long been an open secret in professional bodybuilding, with many arguing it is essentially required to compete at the highest levels of the sport. However, few elite bodybuilders have been as transparent about the issue as the 7-time Mr. Olympia champion appears to be in this interview.

Heath’s admissions are likely to reignite the ongoing debate around allowing PED use in professional bodybuilding and other sports. While controversial, some have proposed creating “enhanced” divisions to reduce dishonesty and increase safety around PED use by competitors.