Zuckerberg hailed as ‘ridiculously strong’ by sparring partner

Mark Zuckerberg’s coach Khai Wu recently shared that he was astounded by the power of the Meta founder when Zuckerberg first began practicing MMA.

Earlier discussions hinted at a potential showdown between Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, generating considerable buzz about a cage bout at Rome’s Colosseum. But despite the initial excitement, these talks have subsided.

Zuckerberg is currently focused on recovering from a knee injury before delving deeper into the world of combat sports.

Coach Wu is set to make his debut in the PFL. He recently shared intriguing insights about Zuckerberg’s prowess and dedication to the sport.

Coaching Zuckerberg at Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu in San Jose, Khai Wu couldn’t help but be impressed. He remarked, “He is super strong, because he’s an athlete. He is always working out or doing something.”

“We’re a similar size but man he was strong, I was like ‘Holy crap, there’s no way, this is ridiculous’. It was kind of funny because that always stuck out to me. I think [Alexander] Volkanovski and [Israel] Adesanya said the same thing when they got to train with him.”

“Everybody was sort of like ‘Do you feel that strength?’ It’s not that kind of strength where you can just take some supplements and get really strong because of them, it’s got to come from years of work. It’s kind of like that farmer strength, for example a country-side wrestler who just lifted hay all day.”

Zuckerberg is similar in size to Coach Wu. He stands at 5’7″ and weighs 155lb. Zuckerberg has recently earned praise in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu arena. Winning gold and silver medals in his debut competition earlier this year, he showcased remarkable potential and dedication to honing his skills.

Contrary to many athletes who rely on performance-enhancing substances, Zuckerberg’s strength doesn’t dissipate even when fatigue sets in.

Wu said: “I’ve trained with some guys who have taken substances to boost performance and when they get tired, that strength sort of goes away. The thing with Mark is once he got tired, that strength was still there. Maybe not as potent, but if he yanked your head or went for a squeeze you can still feel it was there.”

“I think that’s one aspect of his game that people really underestimate. The way he can frame on you or arm-drag you and pull your head down, he is just really strong. We joke with him that he needs to stop lifting weights, but he says that he doesn’t even lift weights as much as he used too.”