Zubaira Tukhugov admits Islam Makhachev AND Khabib Nurmagomedov have used IVs to rehydrate

Islam Makhachev is in deep trouble after his match at UFC 284. His one time rival Dan Hooker claimed that he used IV to rehydrate after a difficult weight cut at UFC 284. Hooker’s accusations are proving to be true as the days go on.

An alleged chat of Islam’s teammate Zubaira Tukhugov has been leaked, in which he confirms that members of his team used IV therapy. In the convo, the two are chatting in the Russian language.

Zubaira says that the UFC is aware of what he did but it isn’t taking any action. It is known that IV usage is punishable by up to a 2-year suspension.

Twitter user Wosso News posted the chat with the following caption:

“Zubaira Tukhugov admits in a private conversation that his teammates Islam Makhachev AND Khabib Nurmagomedov have used IV to rehydrate after weight cuts, claims “UFC officials know and don’t do anything about it”. #WossoNews”

The two are conversing in the Instagram chat, where Zubaira revealed the amount that Islam took for his recovery.

“He took 500mg as far as I know,” Zubaira said in a voice message.

The user allegedly asked Zubaira why he didn’t use it since he missed weight by 1.4 kg at the event. He said that he himself didn’t take it as the UFC has a stricter stance on non-champions.

“I never took it because they only let it slide when the champions do it”.

He also accused Khabib of using the treatment for his last ever fight.

“Khabib also did it in the Gaethje match and they didn’t do anything to him” he added.

Zubaira also asked the user to “not tell anyone”.

Most responding to the leaked chat are calling it a fake. They’re saying that the user used deepfake technology to replicate Zubaira’s voice. Some are also questioning if the messages have been translated correctly.

If this conversation is real, then it further proves that the UFC is trying to cover up the scandal.