Zion Clark, Wrestler born without legs, set to make his MMA debut

Zion Clark is set to compete in mixed martial arts for the first time. The former All-American wrestler will make his debut later this year.

Zion Clark was born with caudal regression syndrome which affects the development of the lower half of the body. This rare condition only occurs every one in 60,000 births. Despite his disability, Clark never gives up.

Zion Clark is famous for his inspiring story where he is still able to compete and break records despite having no legs. The Ohio native was helped by his high school wrestling coach. He has gone 33-15 going against able-bodied people.

The 25-year-old also made headlines when he broke records on October 13. He claimed the Guinness World Record for the highest box jump using only his hands. He easily beat the previous record with 24 inches height. Seeing how effortlessly Clark jumped, they added more height with a total of 30 inches.

Zion Clark has returned to continue his wrestling career at Kent State University. He is hoping to get a place on the 2024 United States Olympic team. However, before achieving that dream, Clark has another plan.

He is planning to compete in mixed martial arts for the first time in his life. During an interview with TMZ Sports, Clark said that he will make his debut on December 17. Clark also plans to have his first knockout.

“It’s the same as wrestling for me. I just wrestle against able-bodied people, and I beat able-bodied people. Now I’m fighting able-bodied people, and I’m gonna knock out able-bodied people. It’s as simple as that. I’m a fighter.” Clark said.

He added, “I’m trying to run this s**t up! It’s not just a rinky-dink fight. This s**t’s going on pay-per-view. This shit is a legit sanctioned fight… It’s gonna be big!”

Zion Clark is clearly serious about competing in the cage. He has been hardly training with former UFC light heavyweight champion “Rampage” Johnson and former Bellator MMA featherweight champion AJ McKee.