Zing! Rizin CEO convinced ONE FC can’t compete with them: There won’t be a war, because (ONE) is handing out free tickets

The CEO of RIZIN, Shinya Sakakibara, delves into the electrifying clash involving Tenshin Nasukawa at ‘RIZIN LANDMARK 9 in KOBE’ and addresses the aftermath of the bout against Superlek. The CEO touches on the unique challenges faced by Tenshin, the impact of the match, and hints at a potential promotional showdown with ONE.

The recent press conference unveiling additional fight cards for the ‘RIZIN LANDMARK 9 in KOBE’ event provided a platform for Sakakibara to share his insights. The battle between Takeru and Superlek at ‘ONE 165’ on January 28 took center stage in the discussion.

In a five-round encounter filled with fierce exchanges, Superlek secured victory with a 3-0 decision, successfully defending his title. Takeru, on the other hand, suffered his first defeat since ‘THE MATCH 2022’ against Tenshin Nasukawa in June 2022.

Sakakibara praised Takeru’s resilience and skill, stating, “Takeru is truly a player deserving of respect, a fantastic athlete.” However, he expressed concern about the toll such intense matches take on an individual, both physically and mentally, emphasizing the potential risks.

Acknowledging Takeru’s unique fighting style, Sakakibara admired the athlete’s commitment to pushing boundaries within the Japanese martial arts scene. Despite reservations about the potential costs, he recognized Tenshin’s remarkable prowess and contribution to the sport.


“There won’t be a war, because (ONE) is handing out free tickets.”

Addressing the rumored “promotion war” with ONE, Sakakibara confidently stated, “I don’t think it will turn into a war.” He dismissed the possibility, asserting that if a true promotional conflict were to arise, the opposition should bolster its strength before challenging RIZIN. Sakakibara exuded unwavering confidence, declaring, “RIZIN will not lose.”

The ‘RIZIN LANDMARK 9 in KOBE’ event, scheduled for March 23, promises a lineup of compelling matchups, further solidifying RIZIN’s position in the Japanese mixed martial arts landscape.