Zhang Weili retains strawweight title with dominant win over Lemos – UFC 292 Highlights

In the electrifying co-main event of UFC 292, Zhang Weili showcased her extraordinary prowess by delivering one of the most dominating performances in her career. With precision and power, she outshined her opponent Amanda Lemos on Saturday night.

Right from the outset, Zhang Weili asserted her dominance by knocking her to the ground and using ground and pound. Despite Zhang’s control, Lemos showed resilience by attempting a D’arce choke from the bottom position.

However, Lemos was unable to bring Zhang’s lower body under control. Zhang later showcased her defensive skills as she swiftly transitioned into side control, nullifying Lemos’ submission attempt. The round concluded with Zhang unloading a barrage of ground-and-pound strikes.

The second and third rounds bore witness to Zhang Weili’s complete command over the match. With strategic takedowns and impeccable defense, she stifled Lemos’ offensive attempts.

As the match progressed to the fourth round, a subtle shift in momentum was palpable. Zhang chose to engage Lemos in stand-up combat, absorbing a couple of potent strikes from her Brazilian opponent.

Zhang’s determination was unwavering as she attempted a takedown, which led to another D’arce choke attempt by Lemos. Lemos was able to clamber back to her feet after coming out from the hold, but she was unable to create enough offence to win the round.

Entering the climactic fifth and final round, Zhang Weili was determined to add more to her already dominant performance. Early in the round, she sent shockwaves through the arena with a right hand.

Seizing the opportunity, Zhang unleashed a barrage of strikes to secure a decisive finish. Yet, Lemos displayed remarkable heart and determination as she survived it until the final bell rang.

After an awe-inspiring display of skill and perseverance, the judges’ unanimous decision echoed Zhang Weili’s dominance throughout the match. The scorecards read 50-43, 50-44, and 49-45 in favor of Zhang Weili, solidifying her victory over Amanda Lemos.