Zabit Magomedsharipov nixes UFC return even though title shot offered

Zabit Magomedsharipov was a standout athlete during his time in the octagon. Though his career was relatively brief, the Dagestani made a lasting impact with his unique and creative moves.

Magomedsharipov began his professional journey in 2012 with a local MMA promotion and eventually became the featherweight champion at Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB) in 2016, a Russia-based MMA promotion.

In 2017, he joined the UFC after successfully defending his ACB title. Throughout his UFC tenure, the 32-year-old secured victory against all six opponents, including his notable win over Calvin Kattar in 2019 via unanimous decision. His impressive record of 18 wins and 1 loss earned him a ranking of number 3 in the UFC featherweight division in 2021, though he was later removed due to inactivity.


Regrettably, Magomedsharipov announced his retirement in 2022, leaving fans and fellow athletes in awe. Many wondered what more he could have accomplished had he not chosen to retire. Even now, Magomedsharipov remains a compelling “what if” story in the world of MMA.

Recently, there were glimmers of hope for a potential comeback when Magomedsharipov revealed that the UFC made attempts to lure him out of retirement. The organization even dangled the enticing prospect of an instant title shot. Despite this tempting offer, Magomedsharipov ultimately declined.

“They immediately offered a fight for the belt. But I still said no,” stated Magomedsharipov during his appearance on the URF Media podcast.

However, while he currently remains retired, Magomedsharipov has not entirely ruled out the possibility of a return to the octagon.

He added, “Yes, there was such an offer… I refused. I won’t be back most likely. There were a lot of reasons to end a career, there is no main one among them.”

Health issues relating to his immune system were reportedly a factor in his retirement decision. Yet, there are other undisclosed reasons that influenced his choice to step away from MMA.

Despite his retirement, Magomedsharipov is still involved in the world of mixed martial arts, as he is currently training his younger brother, Khasan. Additionally, it seems he has an interest in participating in grappling competitions. While fans may not see him back in the UFC octagon, his continued involvement in the sport keeps his legacy alive.