Youtuber Austin McBroom hid from commission, had IVs backstage to get away with competing despite Covid diagnosis

In one of the most highly anticipated YouTube boxing events of the year, AnEsonGib proved his worth as a major player in the sport with a thrilling come-from-behind victory over Austin McBroom.

McBroom and his family run a youtube channel focusing on their life as a family.

Despite being knocked down in the first round, AnEsonGib showed his resilience and determination by getting back up and landing five knockdowns of his own, ultimately putting McBroom to the canvas.

AnEsonGib’s victory is impressive considering his previous setbacks in the sport. After a humiliating debut and a controversial loss in his comeback, many were questioning his abilities as a boxer.¬†However, the Saudi Arabian-born influencer silenced his critics with that performance.

This might’ve been premature – because Austin McBroom just came out with a video describing his efforts to dodge the athletic commission and compete despite the fact he was sick backstage.

“I knew something was really wrong with me. So I take the shower. This is when I think it took it even a worse turn that I was already feeling. That’s when I started throwing up countless number of times over and over again, probably for like five, 10 minutes of these throw ups weren’t like your normal like throw up.”

“The commission actually came in while I was naked and they were looking at me like,’ What’s going on? Like, You’re not okay.’. Like, you had to tell me what’s going on now. And all I could really say is like, I’m fine, I’m fine. I’ll be all right. I’ll be all right. Just I’m just feeling a little a little ill.”

“And so when I got to the shower, I had to make one phone call, and that was to my doctor. That takes care of me whenever I’m feeling sick, whenever my kids are feeling sick at any time of the day. The best doctor in the world. I asked him, my man, what can I do to help me walk out and continue this night?”

“He said that the best thing we can do for you is try to send a doctor out your way and hook you up to an I.V. And obviously, if anybody knows about boxing, you can’t do none of this. The night of your (event). And obviously the commission had no idea because we had to sneak everything we were doing.”

” I was 100% down and so we actually snuck to another room where it was peace and quiet and dark. The doctor came in. She literally snuck in a whole I.V. system, hooked me up to the I.V. and I was sitting there for about 45 minutes to an hour just letting all of the liquids into my body.”

McBroom’s accounting of the event was actually corroborated by an influencer that attended the event at the time. In her report, she decried that there was something very suspicious going on with McBroom wheeled off to the hospital straight after.