World’s Worst Self Defense Coach Victorious at UFC Vegas 48

World’s Worst Self Defense Coach Dale Brown just had his UFC cornering debut. Where Joshua Fabia and Latory Gonzales walked, Detroit Urban Survival Training’s Brown ran.

Brown was the clear star of Joaquin Buckley’s latest UFC showcase. The phenomenal fighter won a hard-fought decision against Abdul Razak Alhassan at UFC Vegas 48.

Buckley mixed up his game plan and combined striking prowess with well executed takedowns to edge out split decision.

“I knew exactly what to expect,” Buckley said. “I made sure that all the eyes. I got my man Dale, I brought him in to help me promote this fight. That was a f*cking war right there. I just plan on getting better.”

Buckley definitely did the right thing in tagging Brown to help promote the fight. Many members of the martial arts community were outraged prior to the fight.

Buckley previously voiced his concern over how UFC was promoting the fight or better yet the complete lack of promotion. This is something he had to address at the post fight press conference.

“I’m gonna keep promoting myself to the fullest, uh, but the UFC realized that they got a star on their hands. And I’m sure they’re gonna promote me a little bit more for the next fight, and I’m sure it’s gonna be a massive fight the next time.”