World Champion Boxer Reveals Jake Paul Tattoo In Desperate Call Out

While Jake Paul has been taunting all of MMA over fighter pay it’s also true that you have to be conscious of how you market yourself in boxing. A bigger profit margin doesn’t automatically increase profit as IBF crusierweight champion Mairis Briedis came to find out.

YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul is now 5-0 in the sport after knocking out Tyron Woodley in December in their rematch. While Paul is rumored to be on boxing hiatus and evaluating where he goes in future Briedis thought it would be a great opportunity to come out as a front runner.

In a recent video Latvian boxer shares:
“Today we will make some crazy scenes. Let’s go and see what’s happening Jake.”

He then goes on to show video of himself entering a tattoo parlour and choosing a design for himself. While many speculate Woodley’s tattoo was temporary this one is most certainly real.

“Jake, now it’s your turn,” the 36-year-old says as the camera zooms in on his new ink.