‘Wonderboy’ talks James Krause losing his “bread and butter” over betting allegations

James Krause scandal is the biggest story this week. Krause has been sidelined after observed betting impropriety in an event featuring his trainee Darrick Minner – this is all due to the fact he ran a discord where he shared his predictions with close to 5000 users.

In a recent exclusive interview, Stephen Thompson offered his thoughts on the James Krause issue.

The Glory MMA coach has had his cornering license suspended and has had athletes affiliated with him or his gym barred from competing in the UFC.

According to Thompson, the whole scenario is “crazy.”

The 39-year-old said in an exclusive interview with James Lynch:

“I think it’s crazy, I think it’s wild man. You know, I have never been a betting man myself. But I think with the whole situation… it’s wild man. That completely ruins Krause man. ”

“That’s how he made his bread and butter. Yes, he was a teacher but he also trained a slew of UFC fighters. So man I hope everything turns out okay for him and his gym. But that’s one of the reasons I don’t bet man.”

One important point in the whole ordeal is that many UFC athletes supplement their shoddy paychecks by betting on themselves – which is still perfectly legal yet not allowed under the new UFC guidelines. But this too doesn’t bother Wonderboy:

“Yeah, man. I mean, you should just be focused on the fight. Like, don’t worry about what’s going outside of that. I mean, I agree. Just because I, you know, I don’t do it. And it’s just another hassle. Another thing you got to think about.”

But Thompson has been in the business long. Back in 2016 he made  ($24,000 + $24,000 = $48,000) when he defeated Johny Hendricks in a main event. He also went on to have two title shots against Woodley – and failed both times.

It’s unknown what his career earnings are and most estimates widely available online are far off base.

And while Wonderboy isn’t betting himself he is still providing his picks for UFC events on his social media.