Woman who ran the daycare where Cain Velasquez son was abused has gone MIA – and caused a delay

Cain Velasquez was just released on bail after spending grueling 8 months in jail. Velasquez has a number of serious charges hanging over him after he allegedly ran a car off the road and fired a shot into it – hitting an unintended target.

Said car contained accused molester Harry Goularte, his stepfather Paul Bender and mother Patty.

His mother has been running a daycare for a number of years. Prior to Velasquez’ release on bail, it was confirmed that there were multiple abuse victims attending the day care.

Goularte’s hearing has been postponed until 2023 due to the fact the DA’s office is unable to get in touch with his mother, Patricia.

Nolan King confirmed that Judge Nishigaya has now imparted a body warrant attachment wherein, if she fails to make it to the next hearing scheduled for January 17, 2023, a bench warrant will be issued to take her into custody.

Velasquez’s civil attorney, Warren Paboojian, claimed that Patricia Goularte attempted to avoid service when contacted by them on six different occasions.

UFC Hall of Famer is one of Velasquez’ close friends and confirmed he’s happy Velasquez can spend time with his family.

He told Ariel Helwani:
“I think one of the most telling things that Cain told me when we were in there, he goes, ‘As I sit here and I’m eating this food and I’m taking stuff from the commissary and I’m trying to live, I think back to my pantry and I can’t imagine I can have any of this, whenever I want it.”