Woah: Rebecki’s face will never be the same after UFC clash with Diego Ferreira

Poland’s Mateusz Rebecki had a rude awakening in the biggest fight of his UFC career against Brazilian veteran Diego Ferreira at UFC St. Louis. What started as a competitive back-and-forth battle quickly turned into a one-sided beatdown, leaving Rebecki’s face battered and swollen beyond recognition.

The Polish lightweight opened strong, scoring with a big left hand and an inside leg kick in the first round. However, Ferreira’s experience and grappling prowess allowed him to weather the early storm. By the second round, the tide had turned, with Ferreira landing a barrage of strikes that began disfiguring Rebecki’s right eye.

Despite the escalating damage, the gutsy Rebecki refused to go away, scoring takedowns in every round. But each time he gained a positional advantage, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt used his craft to reverse position and unleash more ground-and-pound.

The onslaught reached a crescendo in the final round when a badly wobbled Rebecki was rescued by the referee with just 9 seconds remaining after absorbing a final flurry of unanswered strikes on the mat.

In the aftermath, Rebecki posted a confronting photo from the hospital, his face almost unrecognizably swollen, likely suffering fractures and awaiting CT scan results to assess potential injury to his skull or brain.

While the 31-year-old took his second UFC loss, he gained invaluable experience and further personified Polish warrior spirit. As for Ferreira, the seasoned 39-year-old once again proved he remains an elite lightweight problem for any up-and-comer.