Wild video captures teenager, man brawling outside California coffee shop

In front of stunned onlookers, a guy was seen on video grappling with a youngster outside a California coffee shop earlier last month.

Police are looking into the afternoon altercation outside Valencia’s Havana Savannah. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office said KTLA that no one had been taken into custody as of yet.

Video of the altercation was shared on Instagram. It shows the bald guy and the male adolescent dueling on the ground next to a white car in a parking lot.

While the two are engaged in combat, a bystander shouts, “Hey, go get someone, yo.”

Another person adds, “Somebody call 911,” in response.

Although it seems like the guy has the youngster pinned, the teenager manages to get up. He locks his arm around the man’s neck and knocks him to the ground.

Another individual commented, “That’s a grown-ass adult right there.”

Before other people attempt to break it up, the adolescent seems to be holding the guy down. One of the women tries to separate the two individuals.

Someone cries, “That’s a f**king eighth-grader!” as the guy stands and leaves.

What sparked the confrontation is unclear. The unidentified male drove off in a silver Toyota Tacoma before deputies arrived, according to police.

Resolving altercations in this manner is less than ideal because it can accidentally have grave consequences. Earlier this week we remembered a case of an agreed upon duel which led to an 18 year jail sentence. The body builder involved in the incident got roundhouse kicked to the head basically killing him.

MMA enthusiast Anar Allakhveranov accidentally killed a world-class powerlifter Andrey Drachev in a brawl back in 2017.

According to the Russian news outlet Tass, the event occurred in downtown Khabarovsk, Russia. The incident happened after the two had a disagreement over which sport was superior.

The two got into a brawl after removing their clothes. Allakhveranov eventually roundhouse kicked Drachev who proceeded to fall down to the ground.

Allakhveranov continued his assault until onlookers intervened to stop him. The incident lasted over five minutes, and it seemed that both guys consented to it since they were even seen shaking hands.

Allakhveranov was detained by the authorities after and subsequently given an 18-year jail term.

Have there been any MMA deaths in history?

MMA is one of the quickest growing sports right now. However, the hazards associated with the sport go well beyond cuts and black eyes.

No fatalities have occurred in well-known MMA promotions like UFC and Bellator. However, throughout the years, there have been a few fatalities in the sport from injuries incurred in different promotions and in training.

UFC veteran Tim Hague lost his life in 2017 after a knock out during a boxing match. He spent 10 years in UFC and other mixed martial arts circuits before he was cut from the UFC roster in 2011. After his release, he wrote on Facebook that he needed time to heal from a concussion.

Hague was 1-2 as a boxer and took on Adam Bradiwood on short notice at a local promotion. He was knocked down four times during the bout.  After the knockout, he managed to walk to his dressing room, then lapsed into a coma.