Wild UFC 300 “Conspiracy” theory involving GSP shared by former UFC star

Brendan Schaub’s intriguing notion about the UFC 300 has drawn attention.

UFC 300 is set to be a colossal event in the realm of MMA and continues to pique interest within the combat sports community. While no official announcements have surfaced regarding the card, people made speculations that Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler was widely expected to be the main event.

Recently, UFC CEO Dana White hinted that Conor McGregor’s return might be slated for the summer of 2024.

Given the lineup of popular combatants already scheduled for events preceding UFC 300, the anticipation lingers as to who will headline the most significant MMA event next year. Notably, Brendan Schaub has put forth an intriguing theory concerning the potential occurrences in April.

During an episode of The Schaub Show, Brendan articulated his belief that despite Dana White’s statements, the much-anticipated McGregor vs. Chandler clash might indeed materialize at UFC 300. Additionally, Schaub entertained the possibility of a Georges St-Pierre comeback for a rematch against an old adversary.

Schaub asserted, “I got a little conspiracy. If you look at the lay of the land, most of the big dogs are taken before UFC 300. So, UFC 300 I think you’re gonna get Conor McGregor-Chandler, and then I also think, and I have no inside sources, I didn’t source check anything with this but it’s just what appears what I think this could line up, I think UFC 300 you’re gonna get Conor-Chandler and you’re gonna get GSP-Nick Diaz.”

The former UFC heavyweight further supported his speculation by highlighting the recent activity of retired combatants on social media. Schaub emphasized Georges St-Pierre’s increased presence on various social platforms.

Additionally, he drew attention to GSP’s withdrawal from an anticipated grappling match against Nick Diaz.

Schaub continued: “He was supposed to grapple on December 15th, they pulled him from that card. He’s just commentating on it now. So, he’s in shape, I think they’re pulling him and I think he’s staying in shape to come out at UFC 300. I have no reason to think this besides just adding up the clues here.”

It’s crucial to consider previous reports suggesting that the cancellation of the GSP-Diaz grappling match was due to injuries sustained during their training sessions.